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Qtp 11 patches

Qtp 11 patches youtube button for mac This was meant to be a post to talk and discuss all the new neat features found in QTP 11, but it turns out that I ended up uninstalling QTP 11, rolling back to version 10.

The nightmare that has been the Run Results Viewer in QTP 11 finally has a patch (RRV_00019) available to fix a bunch of common issues. I found the XML and the architecture of it,i need some one’s help in doing the same. If you are anything like me, after upgrading to QTP 11,the first thing you noticed was how loooong it took the test result viewer to appear . Also, I’ve seen some strange result viewer crashes on my lab machines that resulted in having to do a clean reinstall. Thankfully, the new patch will address those and many other issues you may be having. The patch fixes 13 issues in total, making it critical, in my opinion, that you install it ASAP. Delphi Add-in | Functional Testing 11.00 Concurrent License Server | Integration with HP Products | Java Add-in | . NET Add-in | Oracle Add-in | People Soft Add-in | Power Builder Add-in | SAP Solutions | Siebel Add-in | Stingray Add-in | Terminal Emulator Add-in | Visual Age Add-in | Web Add-in | Web Services Add-in | Patches This patch updates your Quick Test installation with fixes for a number of issues found after the release of Quick Test Professional 11.00. The following issues are being addressed in this patch: 1. Function libraries that were created from an application area, opened in read-only mode. In Quality Center 10.00, the Parameters of Test dialog box opened when you added Quick Test 11.00 tests to the execution grid. If a Quick Test test called a Service Test test (and both tests were stored in Quality Center), the run results for the Service Test test were not uploaded to Quality Center at the end of the run session. If you renamed a Quick Test action after inserting a call from it to a Service Test test, an error occurred during the run session. Quick Test crashed or an OS blue screen appeared when using a User-Defined / Non-HLLAPI emulator on Windows 7 with Office 2007/2010 installed. You could not view the baseline history for scripted components that were stored in version control-enabled Quality Center projects. In Quick Test, if you tried to delete an application area that was associated with one or more components, Quick Test mistakenly opened a message box asking you to confirm the deletion of the application area instead of informing you that the application area is in use and providing you with further instructions. If the QTP_00699 – Support Testing on 64-Bit Applications (For Specified Technologies) patch was not installed on 64-bit operating systems, all . This occurred only if the application area was moved to a different location in the Quality Center/ALM Test Resources module after a component was associated with it. NET 4.0 controls on 32-bit applications were recognized as Swf Objects. Recovery scenarios did not work in BPT wrapper tests. Run-time errors were displayed if you ran a business component that contained a QCUtil. Change Request: QCCR1J16627, QC53017 This patch provides official support for testing applications in Internet Explorer when Internet Explorer is in protected mode. Qtp 11 patches animation screensaver free for desktop HP QuickTest Professional QTP, an automated functional testing tool that helps testers to perform automated regression testing in order to identify any gaps, errors/defects in11. QTP – Debugging. This was meant to be a post to talk and discuss all the new neat features found in QTP 11, but it turns out that I ended up uninstalling QTP 11, rolling back to version 10.